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We can also dye your own yarn with indigo.

Notes on dyeing yarn with indigo

We can only dye cotton, hemp and silk yarns. If your yarn weighs less than 100g, the price will be calculated as 100g. If we have to refine the yarn, we will charge 130 yen per 100g for refining. The colour of each material can be different, so please consider the colour samples as a rough guide. We can make a colour sample (for your yarn). If you wish, please contact us through the inquiry form. The delivery time for dyeing yarn is about one and a half to two and a half months. Payment should be made after the colour of the yarn is confirmed. The price of silk yarn is double the price on this list because it takes more time than other yarns.

If you agree to the above, please contact us.

Please specify the colour of each yarn and send it to the following address.


List of prices

(Kame nozoki) Cool blue

(Mizu asagi) Pale marine blue

(Asagi) Pale blue
(Nando) Stormy sky blue

(Hanada) Light indigo
(Ai) Indigo
(Kachi iro) Dark indigo

(Chuukon) Deep blue

(Joukon) Mignight blue

※Please note that return postage will be charged separately. Thank you for understanding.

390 yen/100g

420 yen/100g

480 yen/100g

540 yen/100g

600 yen/100g

660 yen/100g

875 yen/100g

1185 yen/100g

1,500 yen/100g


968 Hirose, Hirose-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane-ken, 692-0404, Japan

Amano Kouya

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